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aPaaS of the future! for building stunning amazing Hybrid API integrated Cloudservices
+ 3rd party extension API ecoSystem developers can build on top of

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Use Predefined PanelSetups containing the most useful tools for any industry, role or department. You can also build from scratch with our SaaS-BootstrapKIT. User-centric personalization.

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Develop, manage and Install Extensions. To build a new Extension install DeveloperKIT and start developing.

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  • SaaS Startup

    Take advantage of our empowering SaaS BootstrapKit, The App Builder, and build whatever you like. MarTech, FinTech, EduTech, GovTech, MedTech etc.


  • Business Client

    Install our Business Cloud, and gain god-like magic moves with our ERP, CMS, CRM, ERP.. Run your Business, Enterprise or Startup on Steroroids. Industry-, Role-, Depatment- & Activity-centric & Personalized.


  • Enterprise Agency

    Build for your clients with our Whitelabel Package with unlimited subcClient Panels branded with your own Logo and color-palette..


  • Innovator

    Digitize everything able to be enabled for digitalization within anything possible to become a digital function. Invent new, problemsolve, simplify & organize existing ways of working and techniques within cloud services.


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$9 /Mo
  • 1 x Panel
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Free Instant Setup!
  • 24/7 Quality Support
  • Branding


$129 /Mo
  • Unlimited Panels
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Free Instant Setup!
  • 24/7 Quality Support
  • DeveloperKIT
  • WhiteLabel